Essentially Yours Betagrape

Miss Emma Jacob Student, 19 year old

"I am a 19 year old college student. 6 months ago my situation, health wise wasn't that good but after I started consuming Betagrape I could not believe the instant results. I can concentrate very well and my energy is boosted!"


- Mr Michael, Seah Clementi ave 3

"I am 70 years old and have been suffering from old age problems. I always had blood circulation problem in leg, Leg cramps and Walking also hurts. When I heard of Betagrape and its goodness relived by a customer of Essentially Yours in radio, I wanted to try. So I called and bought the Betagrape from Essentially Yours. The company told me to consume for a certain period and that It will take time. But within 3 months I was doing very well. I had no longer difficulty walking. I can breathe easily and climb stairs without much pain. I have also introduced Essentially yours Betagrape to my relatives. All of them are consuming, including my grand children. "


- Mdm Sulochana, Sembawang Drive

"I am 42 years old. I have been taking Betagrape since Jan 2001. My hubby is also drinking Betagrape. I buy 2 cans a month and received it via free home delivery. Before consuming I used to feel tired, Stressed out and Fatigued. Even if I work a short while, I will feel very tired. I couldn't wake up in the morning easily and sometimes wake up with head ache. I also had skin pigmentation problem. My Hubby always complain of leg numbness knee and back ache. After consuming Betagrape I felt much healthier.My pigmentation problem and rest of the problems were gone. I felt much more active than before and started doing my house hold chores without complaining too much about it. I now wake up feeling fresh. My Hubby is also active and no problem. His dark rings underneath his eyes are also gone. I sincerely thanks Essentially Yours for a wonderful product. I will drink it as long as I live."

Essentially Yours Starch Buster

- Mr. Kannan, 29, Deliveryman

"I started taking Essentially Yours starch buster because of my craving for rice. I started putting on weight and could not avoid rice which I felt was more of no self control. When I was introduced by a friend to Essentially Yours I did not hesitate because of my eating problems. But I never thought it will be this good. Not only did I lose about 6 kilos but I can still enjoy having rice and do not need to worry. I have been maintaining my weight ever since. Thanks to Starch Buster..."


- Mrs. Elizabeth Chan, 32, Customer Service

"I was 69 kilos and wanted to lose 11 kgs to 58. I tried dieting and all kinds of methods and most did not work. When I heard about Starch Buster, I hesitated but still gave it a shot. After a month I lost 1 inch around my waste and 4 kilos. It was also effortless. I never had hunger cravings. I think Starch Buster is an excellent product. I like to thank Essentially Yours for their quality service prompt replies..."


- Madam Marianna, 42, Housewife

"I lost 14 kgs in two months. It has been quite exciting. My live has changed a lot ad feel very free. Now I can go for some runs and enjoy the beach without feeling shy of my body. My self-esteem is at the peak, thanks to starch buster..."